Work on the roof is finished and was completed ahead of time in June 2016. The church is open for visits and services

Purcell, the architects who advised us, have provided a photographic record. It is in three parts Part 1 Part 2 Part 3


You can also view a time lapse video


Thank you for the generous donations to replace the roof. 


Rev'd Jane Nattrass and Ben Pugh went on to the roof of St Olave's. Click on the links to see the latest photos.

You can see a short film (3mins) here: 


Music: Sanctus from Fauré’s Requiem, performed by the Choir and Orchestra of St Olave's Church 


You can see more detailed photos on

It is sad to see the inside of the church full of scaffolding but it is necessary to keep the roofers and carpenters safe as they work at high level. 

The parapet along the north side of the nave roof is in pieces, the roof plate is being crafted and replaced. There are clear signs of rot in the timbers which have been removed. The carpenters found a plaque dating the last work on the timbers dating to 1898. 

Kevin the Master Carpenter with his assistant Scott are progressing well with the replacement of the roof plate. They craft pieces of oak just over 1m long and fit them together in an interlocking fashion. Once the roof plate is in position, new timbers for the roof boards can be put in place. That will make the roof ready for the new stainless steel roof. 


Even though the roof was shrouded in plastic covering, the cross on the chancel was still visible. 


To donate...........Our crowdfunding page is:-


or textgiving via mobile phone 

Text olav15 followed by the amount you want to give to 70070

Eg to give £20 olav15£20 to 70070



 An update for members and friends of St Olave’s Church

Not surprisingly lots of people have been asking about the costs of repairing our church roof, and where this money is coming from.  Please therefore find below a table which is a short summary of the current state of play.

The eagle eyed will have spotted the three little asterisks to the left near the end of this table which are of course where your help is needed.

The crowd funding (Just Giving) is a web site we have set up to which we will be encouraging all the good people of York and further away to contribute towards.  If you could share this web link with your friends and family that would be great.  The address is:

For individual gifts we are hoping that five people will give £1,000, five people will give £500, ten people will give £100 and 30 people will give £50.  Please will you be one of these people?  Spaces for the £500 people are limited as two people have already taken places on this list!  If it’s possible we would like to have a board in the church at some point in the future giving the names of those who individually give or raise more than £100.  PCC approval for this idea has not been given as yet.

For the fundraising events and an auction of valuable items we need both your ideas (and several have already come in) and items that you would be willing to give to the church.  We are thinking of paintings, furniture, jewellery and other sought after items.  If you would also like to help with organising this event that would be absolutely great.

All these targets assume that normal rates of gift aid will be claimable on the amounts raised.  We are also deeply grateful to the fundraisers who have already being doing wonderful things – the jam, cake and plant sellers for example. 

So that’s the state of play and thinking so far.  Please use the Crowdfunding link above or get in touch if you would like to make a donation in the near future, or if you have any comments, concerns or questions. 

Thank you.

Chris Acton (Treasurer) & George Wells (Church Warden)